Veterinary Flooring

Making Flooring Better

FloorTech® Veterinary FlooringTrazcon® systems are 100% resistant to blood, urine, wound antiseptics and other aggressive materials such as cleaning chemicals, thereby presenting the perfect solution for a broad range of Veterinary Practices, Hospitals and Organisations that we have served such as Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, Limerick Animal Welfare, Browne & Fahey Veterinary Surgeons, UCD School of Veterinary Medicine, Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital and Knockgriffin Veterinary Clinic.

Typically our Veterinary clients also list the following flooring properties as important for their business:

A floor that is extremely hygienic and suitable for a sterile environment. A floor that is durable, has fully certified properties, is quick and easy to install and clean and a floor that has strong aesthetic features and can be colour coded if required.

FloorTech’s Trazcon® Décor Floor & Wall Systems are PMMA resin-rich based and are suitable for use in a number of areas in your practice including: treatment and consulting rooms, kennels, operating theatres, recovery rooms, catteries, grooming areas, linen rooms, receptions, canteens, changing areas and bathrooms.

FloorTech® Trazcon® Wall Systems

And when our Floor and Wall systems are used together in a Veterinary environment it has the added benefit of creating a seamless joint where the wall and floor meet.

Key Advantages delivered by a FloorTech® Trazcon® RS System:

  • Extremely hygienic due to their closed pore, seamless structure. Unlike an Epoxy or Polyurethane finish they will not pin hole or harbour dirt and dust.
  • Exceptionally durable and can endure heavy mechanical stresses.
  • Fully Certified including Slip Resistance (BS 7976–2:2002), Food Conformity (EN 1186), and Smoke Analysis (EN 13501-1). We also offer a VOC- free option that we can discuss with you.
  • Resistant to chemicals, blood, urine and aggressive cleaning agents.
    Quick and easy to install as Trazcon® Décor Floors and Walls will cure in just 1 Hour which means we can keep business downtime to a minimum. Our experienced crews can install 500+ sq. metres per day so this makes it particularly suitable for tight building schedules.
  • They will also support your company’s Cost Management Strategies. Due to its closed pore, seamless finish it will take less energy, water, chemicals and manpower to clean it.
  • Renewable and designed to last the lifetime of the structure – so upgrading, refurbishment or change of use is simply a matter of sanding and recoating, unlike other flooring options it does not have to be removed and replaced. The fact that it is renewable solution will also support your Cost Management and Sustainability agendas.
  • Aesthetically superior and comes in a range of colours which can be adapted for different areas and usages.
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So if the challenges and requirements outlined above are familiar to you and you are looking for a “Best in Class” Industrial Floor & Wall Partner who will work with you to develop bespoke solutions suitable for your specific business please contact us to arrange an appointment. We welcome the opportunity to share our experience and expertise in your industry.