"Best In Class" Floor & Wall Solutions For The Veterinary Industry

Making Flooring Better

Trazcon® systems are 100% resistant to blood, urine, wound antiseptics and other aggressive materials such as cleaning chemicals, thereby presenting the perfect solution for a broad range of Veterinary Practices, Hospitals and Organisations that we have served such as Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, Limerick Animal Welfare, Browne & Fahey Veterinary Surgeons, UCD School of Veterinary Medicine, Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital and Knockgriffin Veterinary Clinic.

Typically our Veterinary clients also list the following flooring properties as important for their business:

A floor that is extremely hygienic and suitable for a sterile environment.  A floor that is durable, has fully certified properties, is quick and easy to install and clean and a floor that has strong aesthetic features and can be colour coded if required.

FloorTech’s Trazcon® Décor Floor & Wall Systems are PMMA resin-rich based and are suitable for use in a number of areas in your practice including: treatment and consulting rooms, kennels, operating theatres, recovery rooms, catteries, grooming areas, linen rooms, receptions, canteens, changing areas and bathrooms.

FloorTech® Trazcon® Wall Systems

And when our Floor and Wall systems are used together in a Veterinary environment it has the added benefit of creating a seamless joint where the wall and floor meet.