IRISH TIMES top 1000
Ten of the Top Food & Drink Manufactures in Ireland use FloorTech®
Impervious flooring
Independent swab
tests confirm
FloorTech® floors are
up to 98% cleaner than
Installed in over 250
Irish supermarkets
FloorTech® flooring
Systems are easily
maintained reducing
cleaning times & costs
Durable, renewable
anti - slip flooring
designed to last the
life time of the building
Trazcon® Seamless resin flooring

Latest News

FloorTech® Installs Trazcon® seamless resin flooring for award winning manufacturing company Nutrition Supplies.

FloorTech® Celebrating 20 Years

Food & Beverage

The anti-skid flooring properties of FloorTech® Trazcon® Décor system surpasses all expectations and meets the unique challenge posed by the Food and Drink Industry.

Retail & Hospitality

The Trazcon® RS Seamless flooring System has exceptional durability; its easy to clean and maintain. Its high gloss finish which can increase light reflectivity by up to 30%.

General Industry

Every business has different uses for different storage spaces, that’s why FloorTech® has developed a range of industrial floor covering solutions that will meet everyone’s needs.

CL28 Degreaser

CL28 is an environmentally friendly, solvent free, industrial floor cleaner and degreaser that was specifically developed for the Trazcon® flooring range.

Key Projects

FloorTech® have worked with some of the largest companies in Ireland and the U.K. Read more to find out more about some of the projects that have benefitted form a Trazcon® resin flooring system.

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FloorTech® specialise in finding the best solutions for New Systems, Upgrades, Repairs & Pre Audit checks, for industrial & commercial flooring. Talk to us today about your flooring needs.

A complete installation of a Trazcon® Décor flooring system.

Why floorTech®?

The Trazcon® Décor System has been specifically developed for the industrial & commercial flooring market where there is a high demand for anti-slip, durable flooring that is fully HACCP compliant.

Tracon® is used predominantly in the Food Processing and Drinks sector due to its hygienic flooring properties and can be tailor made to suit specific industry requirements. This system is also ideal for refurbishment due to rapid cure times (1 hour) and minimal downtime.