Food & Beverage Industry

"A seamless resin flooring solution".
The non-slip flooring properties and micro surface-roughness of FloorTech® Trazcon® Décor system also surpasses expectations and meets the unique challenge posed by the Food and Drink Industry for the need of durable, safe, anti-skid flooring in areas where high-viscosity contaminants are present such as fats and oils.

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Retail & Hospitality

"Combining great looks and practicality"
Trazcon® RS System is such a winner with the retail industry. With exceptional durability; its easy to clean and requires little maintenance. Its high gloss finish which can increase light reflectivity by up to 30% which can give the illusion of bigger space whilstensuring your products remain the centre of attention

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General Industry/ Warehouse

"Built for strength".
Every business has different uses for different storage spaces, that’s why FloorTech® has developed a range of industrial floor covering solutions that will meet everyone’s needs. From light use to heavy traffic, we will work with you to ensure the system you choose is the best one for your business with minimum disruption.

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Who we are

Established in 1994 by flooring expert Tony Lehane, industrial resin flooring company FloorTech® is leading the way in resin-based seamless flooring finishes,
and using the investment funding from Enterprise Ireland in technology, research and development, and people, FloorTech® has created a floor surface that is fit for purpose for a variety of businesses.

The patented Trazcon® RS flooring system, which has been designed and developed by Tony Lehane and the expert team at FloorTech® exceeds expectations and requirements in health and safety standards, such as BS 7976-2:2002 and EN1186 (Slip Resistance), Fire Certification (EN 11925-2) and Food Conformity (EN 1186) , and includes the following range of specialist systems amongst others: Trazcon® Décor System's 1, 2 & 3, Trazcon RS®, Trazcon® RS System 2 & Trazcon® Quartz System 2.

The commercial flooring system of choice, our pioneering system is the preferred floor finish of the Irish retail industry thanks to its reflective, anti stain, easy to clean qualities,
what’s more our resin flooring systems puts your products at the centre of attention, which is why our system are so widely used within well known supermarkets such as the Henderson Group, Londis, Spar and Cost Cutters, and is now being exported all over the world.

In fact the versatility of our patented Trazcon® flooring systems means that it is ideal for use across the Food and Drinks Industry and FloorTech® are the only flooring suppliers that clients trust time and time again, and why we are the go to flooring experts for: Danone, Diageo, GSK, Bulmers, The Foyle Group, Dawn Meats and Dairy Gold to name but a few!